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MASA MTS is the premier provider of prepaid medical transportation assistance. A Plan with MASA MTS protects you against financial loss when emergencies arise.

Sudden medical emergencies can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. If the unexpected happens to you or a family member, are you prepared to pay the costs that typical medical insurance does not pay? Many people assume that their health insurance will cover the cost of ground and air ambulance services. Unfortunately, many emergencies result in high medical costs after-the-fact.

A Plan with MASA MTS provides help with medical transport arrangements. We cover the high medical transport costs that insurance plans don't cover, and we cover you at home or while traveling. MASA MTS isn't insurance – it's a family.

Setting the Standard for Emergency Transportation

In 1974, we had a vision: to help people wherever they traveled, and at an affordable price.

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  • ... geared to great Member Services, with resources, and culture facilitating that objective. This service comes very highly recommended.

    M. Golah
    MASA MTS Member
  • I submitted my remaining costs to MASA MTS. There were no questions, no hassles, and the balance was paid in full. I am a very satisfied customer and have recommended MASA MTS.

    J. Eskridge
    MASA MTS Member
  • MASA MTS has been fantastic; this is the best investment in our retirement that we could make. The staff members are great and their response was fast and friendly. Thank you for making a stressful situation quick and easy.

    M. and D. Vaughan
    MASA MTS Members
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1 Million +


Over 40

Years of Service

MASA MTS has handled medical emergencies all over the world for 40 years.
We founded this industry in 1974 and we are the largest prepaid medical emergency service company in the world.

Enjoy the ultimate peace of mind.

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